The Bridge Manifesto

‘The struggle is real’- we’ve all got issues. But are we complaining too much about our #firstworldproblems? Let’s remember how good we’ve got it and if we are ‘the haves’ we should share with the ‘have nots’!

Many people live below the poverty line and this includes first world nations. Global issues like homelessness and addiction also come to mind and there are those too who suffer from abuse, whether in childhood or adulthood.

Would the world be better off if more people could build a bridge from ‘victimhood’ to a happier and healthier place?

I’ve started a blog with purpose, but that alone may do little to bring about significant change, so I have coupled it with ACTION. I have set a goal for 2016 to raise a minimum of $10,000 for a cause I am passionate about – bringing an end to violence against children. This year I will again participate in the Polished Man campaign ( This campaign has my support for many reasons but what I love most is the use of CREATIVITY to raise both awareness and funds – men breaking with the social norm by polishing one of their fingernails in support of the 1 in 5 children globally who experience violence. Men willing to have real word conversations.

Our egos can see us desperate to promote our own ideas; there are those of us obsessed with creating something ‘original’. Creativity is something that should be shared. Be willing to share other’s ideas, jump on board someone else’s campaign, allow someone else to find their voice, and support not just ‘what you believe in’ but what makes a difference in the lives of others. This is what I intend to do, and I’m going to live it out loud here on this blog. Follow my progress here!

STRENGTH can at times be elusive. We may look within ourselves but have to find it somewhere else. I look to and lean on my mum (I’m okay with being called a mummy’s boy). You may have your own ‘rock’, as I call my mum, it may even be a higher power.

Be there for others, you may not even know everyone who looks up to you. Reach out to those in need and be willing to let someone borrow your higher power! But I implore you to consider, whilst you might be comfortable with the words “God” or “Jesus” they can be kryptonite to others! Let others find their voice (labels included).

The timing of my writing is on the eve of an event I am beyond excited to be attending – Madonna in concert (it’s particularly exciting for us in Australia as she hasn’t toured here for 23 years). I’ve been watching a DVD of her Confessions tour, where she says, ‘The world is full of people who talk the talk but how many of us walk the walk?’

At the end of one song Madonna repeatedly sings the line ‘I can make it alone’ but even she also admits this is a lie.

I cannot make it alone.